Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Sometimes less is more"

Simplicity is part of Zen design . As a landscape designer I have studied for years different types of designs and years ago come across the word "wabi" . Wabi is a Japanese word and also an ancient Chinese word and has a few different meanings. Sometimes the word wabi will go with the word "sabi" it is a opposite meaning  ; wabi is simple and sabi is more of the old ways or antique. 

In sushi you have heard of wasabi sauce it is a sweet and hot sauce . 

Wabi mainly means "less is sometimes more " as in Japanese Zen design or Japanese tea ceremonies . The saying "less is more " actually got introduced to the Western world a few generations ago to those in the design fields . The saying has become very popular now, it is used all the time on television and in business.I hardly go a week that I do not here that saying. 

When we hear or read "Sometimes less is more " we should note that it is an ancient saying (Tierney,1999 p.90) "wabi is solitary, and a concept of less is better,fresh and new". 

Reference :

Tierney, L. (1999). Wabi Sabi A New Look at Japanese Design . Layton,UT: Gibbs Press.

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