Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hello all beautiful People! It is wonderful to be alive this day and in this time - to have understanding, liberty, freedom of speech, logic, stability and have simplicity. It is wonderful the sun still gives us light and we have the moon, stars and seasons for reasons. What is your true objective as a person, minister or calling yourself a servant of God John3:16?

By what words you preach and by what measure you meet it shall return, and by what you measured it shall be you again (scripture)! You who know the WORD! Jesus Christ is the “WORD“. By your own words you shall be condemn, and you shall be justified. You mention {freedom of speech} and the way you preach to the nation, public, and what you have said cannot be undone. What you have posted on Facebook, written in magazines and spoken on television stays there. 

What you have said; preached, and prayed and done in public. Called America one Nation under God, and called America apostate or whatever you have said. All ministers ,any ministry any evangelist or preacher who knows Jesus “Yeshua “that He is long-suffering, slow to wrath, full of compassion and mercy, willing that all should come to repentance and none should perish.

By our own words we may lose freedom of speech and the laws may change because people ,and government can change if the true “Gospel of Peace “has not been preached ,and there has been wrong words spoken ,and there has been pride, jealousy of the world, materialism in the church and sins in the Bride of Christ , and they preach to the world “America” and tells America how bad ,and evil they are in the wrong way and are in need to repent and it is NOT the true {Gospel of Peace}? Things can change, and have changed. This may be no prophecy? Maybe just logic and truth? Just think logic, and even without God or the Bible or whatever way you want? Who really is hurting freedom of speech, and causing freedom of speech laws to change and offending people? We the Church are not to be an offense and agree with our adversaries while we can ,and to bless and curse not. 

You who is not ignorant and know Jesus ,and know the word >>> Judgment starts in the house of God , and by what measure we meet it shall be measured unto us ,and by what judgments we judge it shall return . God’s word does not return void; does your ministry bring the “Good News “? Has your ministry been preaching judgments on America according the scripture by the spirit? Where will the judgments be, and who will really lose freedom of speech, and by whose own fault will freedom of speech be lost? By what judgments we judge it shall be brought back unto us!? Who are you feeling sorry for, and care for, and who are the sinners, and who are you calling sinners, and the lost trying to see won? John 3:16.

Do you know where satan’s seat is? God knows, and satan knows what is going on? We the preachers and ministries; who tells “America to wake up “; News Media is not all that ignorant? How wise is the sheep who hear God’s voice? God is waiting and is omnipresent- God is everywhere. Who you support and agree with in what they have said and done in public - will turn back to you too, and affect the nation and freedom of speech. It is how we say things ,and for what reason ,and were our heart is ,and true intentions ,and how we judge it shall return back to us ;our attitude . 

Our Lord is very loving and full of mercy, kind, willing none should perish, and all come to repentance, and loves His Church {the Bride} the Bride is to be without spot , blemish, wrinkle and above reproach. Those God loves He chastens, and sons - those sons and daughters that are His endure. God is wonderful to live for! Does anybody really know what time it is? Only the Father knows not even the son our Lord Jesus! (HOLY, HOLY, HOLY) Lord God Almighty! Three the trinity! Father, son and Holy Ghost who we are to love the most, your whole being; we are in the world and not to be of this world.
The laws of freedom of speech may be changing and whose fault is that, and who is supposed to be the Light of the world, and the Bride of Christ? 

God still shines the sun on everybody and who knows the mind of the Lord, and who is God’s counselor? Does the Church you belong to preach God’s words who is one spirit, one voice, in unity and preaching the “Gospel of Peace” and the Gospel to save the lost?

 By every word we preach it has already gone out, and should go out to the nation and every idol word it has been spoken and is spoken and is done. What do you say to America today and preach to World today? It is not that difficult but really simple and logic if you think about it? John 3:16

Posted by : Pastor Don Daniel Johnson Jr. he who thinks he knows everything knows nothing as he ought . God Bless! 

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