Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28th 2014 Monday 5:39 PM

Real Christians should not have any of these to worry of fear about? 

If anyone has any of these there is a simple solution too. 

Ask Jesus and talk to Him he will answer you or fellowship too with true believers, and just believe there are many honest and real avenues. 

Jesus thank you for forgiving me, and cleansing me from all sin and shame, and if I have hurt anybody or done any wrong Lord God at all to anybody in the past - show me and convict me Lord, and deal with me please and help those any of those who I have hurt in the past at all Lord God; and be with them abundantly and bless them God for sure; all according to word Jesus. Bless them God!

 Please bless them for sure! Slay me God and do whatever you must in any way I would take their place, my grace and Lord and savior! But I know Lord Jesus you have already done that once on the cross, and I am nothing Lord only you are perfect unlike me and I am nothing but dust! Thank you Lord Jesus for your wonderful salvation ! 

Posted by Don Daniel Johnson Jr. ( sinner saved by grace ) 

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