Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 13th 2014 Wednesday just humpday !

Here is an image of a boy that I knew and what read at his funeral last year he died of a heroin over does in  " Dodgeville Wisconsin " along with a few others too around the same time I knew.
Andy use to say this and is read on his Obituary "  Andy also wanted to help those people who lost their way and thought that God deserted them. He wanted to show them that God didn’t desert them at all. Andy enjoyed hanging out with his friends and family, especially his brothers. He also enjoyed spoiling his daughter and nieces and nephews." 

But be very careful what you say in Dodgeville , Wisconsin I been thrown in jail there once for mentioning " Jesus " and almost thrown in jail the second time without even mentioning a word maybe it happen to be I was wearing my Jewish Cross and Star that day ? Also be careful they do not try to throw you in a mental hospital too; what a zoo!

Here is a picture of Andy what he looked like before he passed away . I happen to visited his mom , and aunt at there home and pray with them a couple of times ; they sure do love Jesus .

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