Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Don Daniel Johnson Jr. " Aka " WabiDon : meaning one ancient saying ; simple yet sometimes very serious . Have been a student for many years . Been doing bonsai trees a very long time searching the history of them too . Knowing that life out there can really be like a zoo . Thinking of going back to school at my age not sure what to do with my life today . I do pray believe in a much higher power than me . Life can be full of all kinds of vanity , vanity , vanity ; lots of worries ,and cares don't mean to be preaching to you . Life can never be through hope you have a wonderful day today ; what else can I say ? Many people do pray may God bless you all ,and be careful not to fall it can be a scary world out there today ; perfect love can keep you from fear. Don't just listen to me there are many out there that have lots of wisdom too really ! Trust no man but God though I would say , not wanting to be odd - keep the faith ! Take your time only 24 hours in a day "hey" have much to say just take a look at this page maybe ,and stay cool your no fool!

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