Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Needing a dog for somebody with disabilites ?

February 10, 2015. Was getting my dog to stay with me I have slight case of epilepsy for sure this is very well documented. My dog is registered as a therapy dog to go places for people with disabilities, and to live with people that have all sorts of disabilities. I have a card with the government, and she has a registered therapy dog vest; raised her as a puppy she has been my best buddy for several years.  She will lay next to your side watch you intensely whenever you are not feeling well. She will start to get very upset bark at you or pace the floor notify you in some way. Has several different ways to notify you dogs have ways of telling when a person’s is not feeling well especially if they have been around people with all types of ailments or disabilities as me.
I gave her away to a good friend of mine that has a daughter that is severally disabled, and he lives on a farm has many other dogs around that live on the farm with him too. He took my dog in, and my dog has taken a very good liking to them my dog with his daughter right away been sleeping next to her all the time at her feet for several months now. The two of them have become very close friends, and Mia my old dog of seven years old has always been an indoor house dog lives in the house sleeps on the floor next to her feet. I asked him the other day told him I was living alone now if I could get her back ,and he told me “ No way “ ! That his daughter ,and him are so attached to my dog , and for me to go ,and train another dog my dog will not leave her side they are so very close buddies ,and get along so much together all the time . So now I see how much this whole thing is important to be having a nice puppy around to raise, and there are all sorts of ways to raise animals they have all different types of raising ways of raising dogs for show, or watch dog’s different ways of raising puppies for pets.  I am would like to raise a dog for a person with disabilities you must keep it near you at all times let it get to know you very well, experience your movements everyday. You can have a dog for disabilities in several ways, and to register them if they have been well trained, and behaved.
For any further information on raising dogs for people with disabilities or getting a puppy registered getting them trained you can contact me.
Don Daniel Johnson Jr.
Cassville, Wisconsin aka Wabi Don   

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