Monday, July 21, 2014

True quick story .

On July 3rd of 2014 ... don was arrested by the Iowa county police department , and Dodgeville police department because he happen to stop into a "Kwik Trip " store to get something too drink that morning and some gum . While everybody was going about in the store too and fro , don asked a man "if he ever asked asked Jesus into his heart ?"

The man quickly ran to the police , and while don left the store , and went on with his normal business he had to do that day . The police in the small town of Dodgeville , Wisconsin , and the Sheriff's department handcuff him ,and told him he was under arrest for { disorderly conduct  } .

He was booked and finger printed searched as a regular criminal - put into a holding cell until let out on bail that day.

His day for court to make a plea is set for August 12th coming up soon , and Don feels very excited ,and happily - he was unexpectedly thrown in jail for asking a man if he ever accepted Jesus ,and knew about being born again . 

What a strange country we live in " The United States of America " this is all documented ,and easy to find out in several ways if anybody is really interested ? I know if he was on television as Pat Roberson  or was on Duck Dynasty as Phil Robertson , and said something about being gay or homosexual he would have 1000's of supporters for sure. 

Pastor Don Daniel Johnson Jr., is just a simple guy living in Wisconsin going about trying to make a living in this world , and thought he do what what was right ,and share his experience ,and confess Jesus before men.

All will be okay it will all work out in the end ,and we will all see on Judgement day life is really short and we don't last too long in this world all of us must die ; and go to the grave one day. We all are like grass ,and whither so it is just another day to be happy and rejoice , have fun in the sun or whatever you may be pursuing . 

Good bye - adios and don't grieve the Holy Ghost for sure always love Jesus first ! What could be worse than to hate your neighbor as you hate yourself too ?!

Be not a harm to yourself and nobody else all should work out okay ; don't you think this is good philosophy ? Hi Jimmy , Psalms 22 ,and the rest of you ! Hope you have a wonderful wedding day and get that oil in your lamp that keeps you burning ! Jesus loves you !

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