Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 26th Tuesday 2014

From Mineral Point Wisconsin.

“I have been getting normal rest, no harm to myself or others. Not too much sleep, and balancing time between work – trying not to spend too much time on Facebook. Thinking logic on how to prosper, and being in very good health as my does soul prospers. Telling the truth as required to bless others and to forgive many liars. Not to take vengeance on myself, obeying the laws of the land - trust God and study, and to be approved not just by man. "

“Loving nature, and all of God’s creation along with the freedom we have and the liberty allowed in America . I am always wanting and ready to help others as much as possible. Moving swiftly on with my life; while forgiving others, and forgetting all of my bad past and leaving that mess behind me . Starting a fresh day always , and feeling brand new until your day draws near, and you have done all that you could said all that I have wanting God to be with you .Always being thankful and on this day and always wanting to bless everyone. “

“ I believe a lot of people in this society of the United States of America, and especially up in higher powers of authority and in government have a lot of soul searching and thinking to do. Many need to really sit down and face (REALITY) it is really an apostate nation. I really don’t believe for sure America has ever or never  will reach its full potential at all of the wonderful things it really is capable of doing. “

Posted and written by Don Daniel Johnson Jr.

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